WinnieIt’s pretty simple: this is a site about travelling to and in Australia!

My philosophy is this: anyone can travel to Australia and get an amazing holiday!

You DON’T need to quit your job, sell your house, give away the cat and spend six months i Australia. Two, three, four weeks will get you a long way. It’s all about planning!

And there is something for everyone in Australia!

On this site I’m sharing some of my experiences with you. I hope to be able to help you plan your trip and answer some of the many questions that always comes up, when you’re planning a trip to Australia.

It doesn’t have to be all that difficult!

I’m just an ordinary Danish woman who lost her heart to big sunburnt country Down Under 20 years ago. I’ve been back numerous times and seen a lot of places (not everything – it’s a HUGE place!).

See my Australi-ography